Renew / EWMC Toolbox

We are excited to announce the launch of the RENEW Toolbox project, a new initiative by RENEW 24/EWMC 24. The goal of the RENEW Toolbox is to create a collection of hand tools, donated by experienced tradespeople, that can be accessed by apprentices in need. We hope to sustain the project through a system of tool sharing, where beneficiaries of the Toolbox return the favor by either returning the same tool or donating a new one. Additionally, we hope to build a sense of community and foster involvement with the Renew group through this project.

The Toolbox will focus on the hand tools that electricians use most frequently, such as lineman pliers, channel locks, tape measures, torpedo levels, and screwdrivers. We ask that donors use their discretion and donate tools that they would be comfortable using on a job site. All donated tools will be engraved with the RENEW 24 logo and stored securely in the training room at the hall.

The RENEW Toolbox will be available for use on the fourth Tuesday of every month between 4 and 8 pm, or by contacting Brother Jack Powell at (410) 713-2784 or We hope that the RENEW Toolbox will be a valuable resource for apprentices and a way for experienced tradespeople to give back to their community