RENEW Leadership Roles


Jack Powell 3/2022 - Present

-Administration and leading of Monthly RENEW 24 Meetings

-Addressing Union leadership, the membership of IBEW Local 24 Baltimore at meetings, the public, or any/all cases where representation of RENEW 24 is needed/ required

-Corresponding with other chapters of RENEW or any other Labor Organizations


Garrett Bowmen 3/2022 - 3/2023

Wesley Kostkowski 3/2023 - Present

-Membership Development 

-Cataloging of Membership 

-Assuming Chair role in any case the Chair is unavailable

-Assuming Chair role in quorum if Chair is not present

Media Liaison

Dan Bennett 3/2022 - Present

- All media social or otherwise

- Submission of RENEW 24’s media to other media outlets.

Ex: The Electrical Worker

-Keeping contact with any and all Clubs or Groups within RENEW 24 in order to    allow their utilization of any media tool the Media Liaison has at their disposal 

-Using their role to further the purpose of RENEW 24 and its Mission and so shall also have the right to refuse the use of any and all media proving to be adverse to the Mission of RENEW 24

Recording Secretary

Chris Pederson  3/2022 - 9/2022

Matt Sisson 9/2022 - 3/2023

Tommy Mullen 3/2023 - Present

-The recording and notes of all RENEW 24 Monthly Meetings

-Responsible for the delivery and mailing of correspondence to and from RENEW 24

-Tracking membership, meeting attendance, collecting attendance of other RENEW related meetings/ events for the purpose of maintaining Article IV “ Admission of Membership”

-Assuming the role of Treasurer in a quorum if Treasurer is not present


Chloe Starcher 3/2022 - 9/2022

David Schatz 9/2022 - Present

-The tracking and documentation of all funds in and out for RENEW 24

-Bookkeeping of all financial documents, receipts, expenses, incomes etc. for RENEW 24 and its Clubs or Groups

- Preparation of all financial documents for RENEW 24 and its Clubs or Groups

-Assuming the role of Recording Secretary in a quorum if Recording Secretary is not present