National media & podcasts

Welcome to Say Watt! Where we hear from those connected to the industry about what’s going on in our world of electrical apprenticeship. We will be joined by electrical training ALLIANCE staff as well as some fantastic guests. Thanks for listening…enjoy! 

The Valley Labor Report is a weekly talk radio show that covers local, state, and national news for workers, by workers. It is hosted by Jacob Morrison and Adam Keller, who are both union activists in Huntsville, Alabama. The show focuses on organized labor, worker, civil and human rights, and also interviews candidates, strikers, organizers and other rank-and-file voices.

Working People is a podcast that features interviews with workers from different backgrounds and occupations. It explores their life stories, their jobs, politics, and families, and their joys and struggles in 21st-century America. It is a partnership between In These Times and The Real News Network. The host of Working People is Maximillian Alvarez, who is also the editor-in-chief at the Real News Network and the author of The Work of Living: Working People Talk About Their Lives and the Year the World Broke

More Perfect Union is a progressive non-profit news media organization that produces video stories and opinion pieces about labor, economy, and corporate issues.

Labor Notes is a project that aims to support union activists and workers' rights through various media and organizing activities. Some of these activities include publishing a magazine, website, and books, hosting conferences and workshops, and promoting strategies to fight for better working conditions. Labor Notes has been active since 1979 and has a network of members, leaders, and allies across different unions, worker centers, communities, industries, and countries.

The Dig is a podcast hosted by Daniel Denvir that covers politics, history, and economics. It is affiliated with Jacobin magazine and features interviews with scholars, activists, and journalists.

Who Gets the Bird? is a newsletter by Jonah Furman that covers organized labor in the U.S.A. It reports on union news, strikes, campaigns, and analysis of the labor movement. Furman is also a staff writer for Labor Notes, a media and organizing project that supports rank-and-file workers.

Robert Reich's substack is a platform where he publishes his writings and illustrations on topics such as politics, economics, inequality, democracy and social justice. He is a professor, writer, former Secretary of Labor and author of several books. He also co-created two documentaries and co-founded Inequality Media.

The Lever is a progressive news and opinion website that was founded by David Sirota, a journalist and former speechwriter for Bernie Sanders. It aims to hold accountable the people and corporations manipulating the levers of power through investigative reporting, podcasts, videos and live events. It is supported by its readers and does not accept corporate advertising.

Local media & podcast

I Hate Politics Podcast is a podcast that explores politics close to home, from schools, roads, businesses and local governments. It is hosted by Sunil Dasgupta, a political scientist and professor at the University of Maryland. The podcast covers topics such as road salt, affordable housing, school board elections and more.

The Baltimore Banner is a news website that covers local news, politics, business, food and events in Baltimore. It was founded by a nonprofit organization called The Venetoulis Institute for Local Journalism.

The Real News Network (TRNN) is an independent, nonprofit news organization that covers both national and international news. It aims to connect you to the movements, people, and perspectives that are advancing the cause of a more just, equal, and livable planet. 

A podcast on Maryland policy and politics. Stay in the know about how the General Assembly, Governor, state agencies, and county leaders affect the essential services that Marylanders depend on each and every day. Tune in for deep dives into state and county issues, special guests from around the state, and our world-famous dad jokes. We’ve got you covered on the Maryland Association of Counties’ Conduit Street Podcast.