RENEW 24 History

Brief History of RENEW 24

RENEW 24 is a young and swiftly growing organization which has already made a significant impact amongst the membership of IBEW Local 24.
In 2018, following past examples like the Young Trained Unionist, Brother Rico Albacarys formally started the “RENEW Program” with goals of creating additional opportunities for young people to become more involved, promoting solidarity, and fostering skills amongst future leaders within our Union. The groups first major event, The Cornhole Tournament, was a tremendous success which inspired others to participate in the budding program.
Leadership was assumed by Brother Blaine Boone in 2019 after Rico stepped down and began organizing full-time at the Union Hall. During Blaine's diligent administration, RENEW 24 organized several charitable campaigns and formally published governing bylaws amidst the adversity of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
In 2022, Blaine Boone stepped down and began working for the Metro Baltimore Council AFL-CIO; that same year, RENEW 24 held its first elections in which Brother Jack Powell was elected Chair. The history of RENEW 24 continues to be written every day through the passionate efforts of IBEW Brothers and Sisters.