Game Night

If you like board games, card games, any kind of group involved game, this is for you. The night is fluid so no set game(s) or group number planned ahead. No rsvp required, just show up when you want. RENEW24 has a lot of games you can pick from, or if you have a favorite and want to share, go ahead and bring that too. First Tuesday of every month we meet up in the training room of our Hall. Game Night is about playing some games, hanging out with brother and sister, and chilling in our Hall.

The next Game Night is July 5th from 4 to 9pm. All Journeymen and Apprentices are welcome, and 3rd years are encouraged to come over before class. Food and soft drinks will be available. Alcohol is allowed for those of age but please take any personal beverages with you. This is OUR Hall, let's hang out like it is.